The time of the year has come again for homeowners and business owners to clean the house spruce up the garden, and one thing that can be forgotten: taking care of your roof.
Roof inspections should be done yearly, whether you own the deli down the street or you’ve had your home for 40 years. Getting some work done on your roof isn’t the end of the world, but there are a few things you can do to prevent more headache for you later.
“It’s as easy as removing leaves and other debris from your roof surfaces or trimming back your trees from the roof’s surface,” said Burns and Scalo Division Manager Tom Gample.
For example, if you have a tile roof and it is not cleaned off properly, the tile have channels on them that can clog up and cause a leak in your home. Leaks in your home can cause interior wood and plaster damage that can cause bigger problems for you and your family.
“It’s also really important to clean your gutters and downspouts to allow water to flow properly,” said Dave Janosco, a Burns and Scalo Residential Field Supervisor. Backups in your gutter can not only cause leaks and mold in your home, but ground erosion near your foundation.
Tom also added that replacing any loose nails will help from losing shingles, slates, or tiles and will be cheaper for you in the long run. If the shingles are nailed properly, they may not come off as easily and need replaced as frequently.
Other suggestions include looking for cracks, splits, or tears in roofing materials, making sure sealants and flashings are secure, checking for water stains, and inspecting roof mounted units and piped for cracks.